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Success StoryIt is often said that nothing happens, unless there is a dream first. Maa Gayatri Hospital was a dream seen by “Dr. Ratan Sharma, The Self Made Man”.

The dream nurtured and grew within Dr. Ratan Sharma, the founder Chairman of Maa Gayatri Hospital, until the point of inflection happened in 2009.  He had a vision to deliver quality healthcare to be given, where the pursuit of clinical excellence was daily endeavor.
Dr. Ratan Sharma is pioneer in Udaipur zone to start private Orthopedics Hospital “Ankit Orthopedic Hospital, Udaipur” which was started 25 years back. Than path of success story went through many institutes like “Maa Gayatri Hospital, Chittorgarh”, “Maa Gayatri Nursing School, Udaipur”, “Maa Gayatri Nursing College, Udaipur”, “Maa Gayatri Physiotherapy College, Udaipur”. Twenty Five years later it is an amazing story of success, achievement and most importantly, dreams realized, when “Maa Gayatri Hospital, Udaipur” started in 2009.

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